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Small Node List overview

Blockchains like Symbol need more worker nodes on the network. And the operation of a node requires certain financial costs and management skills. On this page, we will show you carefully selected and stable nodes, but with a small number of delegates.
Only stable nodes are listed, so please feel free to delegate and collaborate with these nodes.


This page automatically shows nodes with the following parameters.
(1) Total node delegate imports: less than 1,000,000 XYM
A monthly (annual) financial fee is required for the VPS to operate the node. Shown here are the nodes that haven't reached the minimum payable reward.

(2) Node Uptime History: Only nodes that have been up for a specific period of time are listed.
※We regret not adding to this list the node operators that have been operating for less than six months

(3) Node Stability: Node downtime in the last month is less than 10 hours.
Knot stability is an important factor when choosing a knot. But please understand that it is normal for a node to stop for several hours, as it is necessary for the node to be updated and managed.

(4) 評価(レビュー)数: レビュー機能にて、1つ以上イイね評価を得ているノードを表示します。
Twitterで積極的に情報を発信しているノードなど、#Symbol 活動をしているノードのレビューにご協力ください。


NoHostname / IP
(ssl:HTTPS-enabled node)
Harvesters CountImportance
(Amount XYM)
twitterComment (up to 50 characters)Server Ver.
Maintenance history
(Beta test)

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