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* There is no problem if you link directly to this page and use it.

Beta test in progress * May end without notice

Regarding the review posting function, I am wondering what kind of function it should be. First of all, we will provide simple functions, so we welcome your opinions.
Basically, I don't think nodes are evaluated as "good" or "bad". Therefore, I hope that the review will be useful information for the delegator to freely select the node.
In the future, when expanding the review function, we may delete the reviews posted in the past. Please understand that this is to provide better functions.


You can post a review of the node.
0XYM transaction transmission required
Posting from an account with 10,000 XYM or more is valid (* It will be hidden even if it falls below 10,000 XYM after posting.)
・This option is associated with an adware program. Thus, with a donation of 100XYM or more, the node support program will be activated, and any node will be shown on the top page of the site.


Posts are recorded on the Symbol blockchain. It can be hidden on this tool, but it cannot be deleted from the blockchain.
Please be careful about what you post. In particular, it is strictly forbidden to enter personal information.

Please enter the following information. After entering, proceed to STEP2. (There is no registration button etc.)
Node hostname / IP
* Up to 200 characters. Line breaks are ignored.

* Please do not enter personally identifiable information.
The Symbol address is hidden on the tool, but due to the blockchain mechanism, the Symbol address and the message are linked.

Send the following transaction from your Symbol Wallet. 0 There is no problem with XYM transmission. Of course, I would be grateful if you could give me XYM as a donation.
With a donation of 100XYM or more, the Node Support Program will be activated and your node will rank higher.

Destination (Symbol address of destination) 

It will be reflected in the Symbol Node List about 1 to 2 minutes after the transaction is approved, so please be patient.
If you want to change the content of the review, it will be overwritten by repeating the above procedure again.
If it is not reflected after a while, please contact Twitter(@ahikicoin).

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