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During open beta test

This function is in beta test. If you have any questions, please contact us from Twitter(@ahikicoin).


You can check the history of the node server down.
Since we monitor every 30 to 60 minutes, the time is just for reference.
It's not that it's bad if the node is down. Appropriate maintenance time, such as node version upgrades, is also counted as down.

NoHostName/IPHarvesters Countimportance
(Amount XYM)
twitterComment(Max length 50)
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NoDown dateUp dateDown timeReason
12023/03/24 18:03:452023/03/24 19:22:291h18mNo response from the node's REST-API
22023/01/14 22:12:342023/01/14 23:19:581h7mNo response from the node's REST-API
32022/04/08 07:25:232022/04/08 11:23:343h58mNo response from the node's REST-API
42022/03/01 13:05:142022/03/01 14:11:091h5mNo response from the node's REST-API
52021/10/06 15:14:322021/10/06 16:51:111h36mHost name not found as a result of node search

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