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10LinkSupporting Symbol from Nagoya. detail...v1.0.3.3

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Addresses delegated to the node within 3 days will be marked .

Wallet addressBalanceImportanceLatest harvest info.Delegation period (Days)
17C55A...  NBY4VXE63TEYSR5B5KBY26KOOXNL77C2KTZMZPY30,399XYM0.000348%13325662022/06/23 11:07:30107.951391XYM82
2AC303...  NAAON2HKP6WPZSTTQNIB55VSQEG3TXCKO72U5AY21,126XYM0.000242%11961912022/05/07 01:36:04112.787535XYM219
35F0DD...  NCZXWPD4MUZ7C7TEEMN5UXVXAPJUZJ5AG6NAPFQ11,936XYM0.000137%9984982022/02/27 08:36:32112.789579XYM82

The history of harvesting within 24 hours is shaded in yellow.

Wallet addressBalanceImportanceharvest info.
17C55A... NBY4VXE63TEYSR5B5KBY26KOOXNL77C2KTZMZPY30,399XYM0.000348%13325662022/06/23 11:07:30107.951391XYM
2AC303... NAAON2HKP6WPZSTTQNIB55VSQEG3TXCKO72U5AY21,126XYM0.000242%11961912022/05/07 01:36:04112.787535XYM
3AC303... NAAON2HKP6WPZSTTQNIB55VSQEG3TXCKO72U5AY21,126XYM0.000242%10766422022/03/26 12:22:06112.870678XYM
45F0DD... NCZXWPD4MUZ7C7TEEMN5UXVXAPJUZJ5AG6NAPFQ11,936XYM0.000137%9984982022/02/27 08:36:32112.789579XYM
57C55A... NBY4VXE63TEYSR5B5KBY26KOOXNL77C2KTZMZPY30,399XYM0.000348%9592622022/02/13 17:21:26117.900817XYM
67C55A... NBY4VXE63TEYSR5B5KBY26KOOXNL77C2KTZMZPY30,399XYM0.000348%9474172022/02/09 14:31:26118.540202XYM
77C55A... NBY4VXE63TEYSR5B5KBY26KOOXNL77C2KTZMZPY30,399XYM0.000348%8209652021/12/27 15:49:03117.879607XYM
8AC303... NAAON2HKP6WPZSTTQNIB55VSQEG3TXCKO72U5AY21,126XYM0.000242%7716972021/12/10 12:50:20160.535593XYM
97C55A... NBY4VXE63TEYSR5B5KBY26KOOXNL77C2KTZMZPY30,399XYM0.000348%7464312021/12/01 18:06:25119.240258XYM
105F0DD... NCZXWPD4MUZ7C7TEEMN5UXVXAPJUZJ5AG6NAPFQ11,936XYM0.000137%7431632021/11/30 14:50:50117.840337XYM
117C55A... NBY4VXE63TEYSR5B5KBY26KOOXNL77C2KTZMZPY30,399XYM0.000348%7220992021/11/23 07:09:25117.865817XYM
12AC303... NAAON2HKP6WPZSTTQNIB55VSQEG3TXCKO72U5AY21,126XYM0.000242%6896482021/11/12 00:28:12123.819254XYM
13AC303... NAAON2HKP6WPZSTTQNIB55VSQEG3TXCKO72U5AY21,126XYM0.000242%5716412021/10/02 00:05:32123.122755XYM
14AC303... NAAON2HKP6WPZSTTQNIB55VSQEG3TXCKO72U5AY21,126XYM0.000242%4434622021/08/18 10:56:04167.303183XYM
157C55A... NBY4VXE63TEYSR5B5KBY26KOOXNL77C2KTZMZPY30,399XYM0.000348%1762802021/05/17 14:30:45128.635167XYM
167C55A... NBY4VXE63TEYSR5B5KBY26KOOXNL77C2KTZMZPY30,399XYM0.000348%1422092021/05/05 18:15:13134.397931XYM
17AC303... NAAON2HKP6WPZSTTQNIB55VSQEG3TXCKO72U5AY21,126XYM0.000242%1344312021/05/03 01:26:32135.797853XYM
187C55A... NBY4VXE63TEYSR5B5KBY26KOOXNL77C2KTZMZPY30,399XYM0.000348%392102021/03/30 23:15:03134.432920XYM
197C55A... NBY4VXE63TEYSR5B5KBY26KOOXNL77C2KTZMZPY30,399XYM0.000348%184972021/03/23 18:31:39135.985335XYM

This is the information that the tool collects independently. Please note that accurate information may not be posted due to tool maintenance, etc.

Wallet addressBalanceImportanceDeparture dayDestination of the trip
-Information is absent. -----

Beta test is in progress. It may not be displayed correctly or the post may be deleted.
Regarding the poster classification "with delegation history", it is a notation within the range that can be grasped by this tool, and it is not accurate information.
This feature is associated with an adware program. Thus, with a donation of 100XYM or more, the node support program will be activated and any node can be listed at the top of the site.

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NoPosted dateclassificationevaluationmessage
---Information is absent.

Warning: If the private key is disclosed to others, all Symbol assets may be stolen.
① When processing (JavaScript) on the client terminal, so that the tool developer cannot get the private key entered by the user, so the private key is not sent to our site server.
②To avoid phishing scams in the future, If you want to set delegate options for the application developer. Twitter(@ahikicoin) Try to access this tool.
③There is no fee to use this tool, but there will be a small transaction fee (less than 1XYM) as when delegated using the official Symbol wallet.
*If you comment on the quality of the nodes using this tool, we would appreciate it if you could describe the risk of phishing.

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