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Advertising program

By donating to developers, you can "more" appeal your node.
Even if the node has a low importance, it will be displayed and highlighted at the top of the list and will be highlighted , which will help improve the acquisition rate of delegates.
Advertising costs are 100XYM for 2 weeks, but if one harvest is 40XYM, you can pay for it in 3 times.
We hope that you can use the advertisement while checking the timing of depression.

Advertising point system

If you donate 100XYM or more in the last 2 weeks , it will be displayed at the top of the Symbol Node List.
In the display order, we have introduced an advertising point system so that nodes with few delegates will not be disadvantaged.
Advertising points will be "Advertising points = 1000 + Donation XYM amount - Number of node delegates" (0 if there is no donation of 100XYM or more in the last 2 weeks) The higher this number, the higher the ranking.
The amount of the XYM donation includes the promotional program of the node operator itself and a donation from a third party (the node support program).

way to participate

Simply send 100XYM or more from the node's Main address to the developer's Symbol address "NBQTX4-XC7U3C-ZEVJU3-32KMFU-HO4KSR-N665FS-B2A".
You don't need to set the message, but if you can update the message on the Symbol Node List, you can promote it more effectively.
 ⇒ If you can enter your Twitter account name etc. in the message, it will be easier to support if you make a mistake in the settings. Normally, it will be reflected within 1 hour, so please contact us if it is not reflected for more than 1 hour.
If you want to add a description to your node in the node listthis pageplease click here.

It will be posted with priority in descending order of advertising points. The one with the highest advertising points will be displayed at the top, so please donate strategically.

NoHostName/IPHarvesters Counttwitterdonation amount
(Last 2 weeks)
1xym815.allnodes.me5110049Link320 XYM320 XYM0 XYM1269 point
2xym863.allnodes.me3510065Link230 XYM230 XYM0 XYM1195 point
3xym862.allnodes.me910091Link200 XYM200 XYM0 XYM1191 point
4xym168.allnodes.me710093Link120 XYM0 XYM120 XYM1113 point
5xym561.allnodes.me951005Link200 XYM200 XYM0 XYM1105 point
6xym851.allnodes.me5910041Link160 XYM160 XYM0 XYM1101 point
7xym101.allnodes.me310097Link100 XYM100 XYM0 XYM1097 point
8xym859.allnodes.me610094Link101 XYM101 XYM0 XYM1095 point
9xym892.allnodes.me5105Link100 XYM100 XYM0 XYM1095 point
10node1.xym-harvesting.com85042Link102 XYM102 XYM0 XYM1094 point
11xym593.allnodes.me1910081Link110 XYM110 XYM0 XYM1091 point
12xym710.allnodes.me1410086Link100 XYM100 XYM0 XYM1086 point
13xym872.allnodes.me3210068Link100 XYM100 XYM0 XYM1068 point
1400A06705.xym.stir-hosyu.com52960071Link10 XYM10 XYM0 XYM0 point
15xym574.allnodes.me510095Link20 XYM20 XYM0 XYM0 point
16xym717.allnodes.me3710063Link10 XYM10 XYM0 XYM0 point

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